Cutting-edge cyber protection that is dead-simple to use

Kepler Safe puts an end to the security tool sprawl and to the constant worry that things have been overlooked.


Business-critical cyber protection meets cutting-edge automation

The savings - labor, time and $, are all yours.


A single pane of glass

A unified threat protection solution designed to bring you cutting-edge, holistic defense with zero drain on your IT resources.

Identify issues

Zero in on the critical issues that matter to your business and address them with one-click resolution.

Let Kepler Safe take care of the rest

Kepler Safe’s AI anticipates risk, then proactively identifies and addresses issues automatically, saving you valuable time.

One platform that includes all you need to secure your business

Cloud Apps



Endpoint Devices


See how Kepler Safe makes your life a lot easier

Kepler Safe turns information into meaningful actions

We bring all the information and guide you to meaningful actions.

No more digesting though logs and events of multiple tools and apps, no more searching for malware on devices in one tool, and on cloud apps in another tool.

No need to purchase multiple systems and integrate them into a single pane of glass.

Kepler Safe does it all.

Kepler Safe will alert you, and tell you what to do next

No need to check everything 10 times a day. Kepler Safe will take care of the ongoing security, and will alert you only when you need to take action.

Kepler Safe analyses the threats to your entire business, takes action to eliminate the risk, and guides you on what to do next to improve your security posture.

Kepler Safe 1-click resolve™ makes mitigation a breeze

Kepler Safe 1-click resolve™ eliminates the need to switch between different systems and different applications. 1-click resolve™ eliminates tedious and labor intensive operations such as blocking/unblocking a user in various applications (e.g. Office365 and Saleforce or any other application - Kepler Safe 1-click resolve™ will do it for you. 1-click resolve™ goes even further to simplify operations: If you identify a malicious file in your email attachment, you do not need to switch to another system to eliminate it from devices - our 1-click resolve™ will do it for you. 1-click resolve™ makes mitigation of security as easy as it gets.

The best part of Kepler Safe - the simplicity and comprehensiveness

“The best part of Kepler Safe - the simplicity and comprehensiveness of Kepler Safe. Since partnering up with Kepler Safe to handle my cyber security, I have been able to focus on my core responsibility as IT Director with the confidence that the cybersecurity experts at Kepler Safe have my back.”
Phil B
IT Director G2 Crowd

Peace of mind is within your reach

Connect your business to Kepler Safe with a click. Enjoy immediate detection of threats and vulnerabilities for your entire business free forever.