The Keplersafe Platform

Meet Modular Cybersecurity

One dashboard.
One endpoint agent.
One data engine.
And 14 security modules that snap into place.
This is how Keplersafe is changing cybersecurity.

One Dashboard for Everything

Keplersafe Actionboard shows the security posture of your entire business. Each module has summary widget and an in-depth dashboard panel — check critical metrics at a glance.
Most security dashboards are mere reporting interfaces. Not here. You can click into a module to resolve any tickets Keplersafe hasn’t already handle for you.

One Endpoint Agent for All Modules

With Keplersafe, you stop maintaining, manually updating, or resolving conflicts between different agents.
Instead, device posture, next-gen antivirus, EDR, VPN, data governance, firewall, and DNS filtering all come in one endpoint agent.
When you add modules, we update your endpoints automatically based on your rules.

Keplersafe works across Windows, Windows Server, and Mac OS.

A Growing Collection of Security Modules

A module is a self-contained security component that can be turned on or off. Some modules are core functionality, others are enhancements. Each module has won awards in its security domain, outperforming many market leading point solutions.*
*G2 category rankings and customer reviews often place Keplersafe equal to or above many leading point solutions, such as Crowdstrike, Barracuda, Sophos, Sentinel One, and Cato Networks.
Managed Services

We Can Manage Cybersecurity for You

Elevate your organization’s defenses by combining Keplersafe with the expertise of our dedicated security professionals. The Security Operations Centre (SOC) offers IT and Security teams greater technical support and monitoring of endpoints, email, network environments, and cloud apps.
Featured Suites

We've Created Suites that Cover Your Security Needs in Each Domain

Buying cybersecurity can be daunting. How do you ensure you’re getting the most security possible for your budget? We get it. That’s why we’ve curated three suites of modules and add-ons based on customers like you and their most pressing needs.

Keplersafe Essentials

Get essential coverage for endpoints, email, and cloud apps, automating resolution of most security incidents.

Included Modules:

Endpoint Protection

Log all endpoint activity, analyze data anomalies, and automate resolution for 95% of the security incidents found.
Included Modules:

Email Protection

Scan emails for threats and remediate them automatically, drastically cutting the time needed to manage email security.
Included Modules:

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Add military-grade protection to company devices wherever they are through an impenetrable cloud network.
Included Modules:

Centrally Manage Multiple
Instances of Keplersafe

If your team manages cybersecurity for multiple companies, or if you are a parent company with multiple sub-entities, you need Workspaces. Workspaces lets you set up Keplersafe separately for each domain, then manage them centrally through one interface. A simple dropdown menu lets you switch between customer environments.

How Keplersafe Works

The Keplersafe platform is made up of four components.
The Keplersafe Service: A cloud-based SaaS that manages data processing across all modules, and manages communication with endpoint devices and cloud applications.
The Keplersafe Console: A web interface that performs as the single pane of glass.
The Keplersafe Agent: A single agent that runs on MacOS and Windows providing EPP, EDR, SASE and Data Governance capabilities.
The Keplersafe API: Facilitates SIEM and partner integrations.

Peace of Mind is Within Your Reach

Connect your business to Keplersafe with a click. Enjoy immediate detection of threats
and vulnerabilities for your entire business.