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Cutting-edge cyber defense for healthcare organizations

Prevent unauthorized sharing of sensitive data and protect your systems from malware and ransomware -- automatically and continuously with Kepler Safe.


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The cyber risk in healthcare is real. And growing...

Most healthcare organizations feel they can't afford strong IT security. Until Kepler Safe. Protect against malware, ransomware and phishing with one intelligent solution.


of healthcare organizations experienced a cyber attack in 2020

Identify issues

Avg. of patient and employee records lost or stolen in data breaches


Avg. price tag of the disruption of normal operations

Kepler Safe brings cutting-edge cyber defense to healthcare organizations that need it

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Protect your most sensitive data

Protect PII, PHI, and PCI for patients and members

Kepler Safe is the central control point for sensitive data, practice data, and user activity, enabling you to enforce a wide range of security, compliance and governance policies.

  • Ensure PCI Compliance
  • Prevents unauthorized data sharing or access
  • Automatic identification of regulatory violations

Block ransomware and malware spread

Identify potential malware and ransomware activity Use Kepler Safe’s built-in templates to quickly apply file policies and search for unique file extensions.

Automatically detect and contain malicious software

Kepler Safe’s AI-powered approach automatically distinguishes between human and bot-generated actions. Kepler Safe detects potential attacks and automatically remediates them by suspending suspect users and preventing further corruption of files.


Prevent unauthorized data sharing

Manage sharing at file, folder, and user level
Kepler Safe ensures appropriate sharing with collaboration rules that assign specific permissions to files, folders and users, including whitelists of external collaborators.

Automatically prevent unauthorized sharing

Kepler Safe automatically limits the scope of sharing permissions and revokes shared links to protect data and files.

Detect and prevent unauthorized account activities

Automatically detect suspicious behavior

Kepler Safe uses behavior models to automatically detect when an account has been compromised or when an insider or privileged user is acting like a threat.

Block phishing scams, ransomware, and malware instantly Our 24/7 monitoring ensures suspicious email activity is detected and blocked instantly and that users are notified immediately.

With a small team, it's great to know I can get questions answered.

“The best feature for me is reporting on when users violate our Office 365 rules for HIPAA and PCI. Kepler Safe sends me nightly reports which allow me to educate users.Kepler Safe has also assisted me in determining attempted breaches via phishing and can alert me right away and weekly as needed. I absolutely love the customer service they provide, which is refreshing as too many companies push out their software, show it off and get companies to purchase then ditch them after initial setup. With a small team, it's great to know I can get questions answered and they take time often to virtually meet on camera to go over your account.”
Eddie D
Director of IT - G2 Crowd

Time to rethink your cybersecurity tool approach

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