Don’t Let Cyber Threats Disrupt Your Manufacturing Processes!

Manufacturing units are increasingly relying on connected devices and technology for their operations, and cyber threats have become a major concern. With this rise of industrial automation, the risks of cyber-attacks and data breaches have also increased manifold. This makes manufacturing units more vulnerable to cyber-attacks that can disrupt production, cause equipment failure, and compromise sensitive data.

Manufacturing cyber security has been falling behind, and hackers are noticing.

Don’t let growing threats weaken your IT team, your users or your business. Protect against malware, ransomware, and phishing with one intelligent solution.


increase in attacks on manufacturing in 2020


of manufacturing firms experienced a cyber attack last year


of breaches involved the human element

Empowering Manufacturing Units To Stay One Step Ahead Of Cyber Threats!

At Kepler Safe, we understand the criticality of ensuring the security and integrity of your manufacturing operations. That’s why we offer advanced cybersecurity solutions that empower manufacturing units to stay one step ahead of cyber threats. With Kepler Safe, you can ensure the reliability, safety, and security of your manufacturing processes, while also staying compliant with industry regulations.

All-In-One Cyber Security Services For Manufacturing Units

We understand that cybersecurity is a continuous process, and we are committed to providing ongoing support to our clients. We offer 24/7 monitoring, incident response, and recovery services to ensure that our client’s critical systems and data are always protected. Choose Kepler Safe for the security of your manufacturing unit, and rest assured that your operations are in safe hands.
Our cyber security experts conduct a thorough risk assessment of your manufacturing unit’s systems and processes to identify vulnerabilities and potential areas of weakness.
Based on the findings of the risk assessment, we design a robust cyber security strategy that addresses your unique needs, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your systems and data.
We deploy advanced network security measures, including firewalls, intrusion detection, and prevention systems, to protect your network from cyber threats.
Kepler Safe provides endpoint security solutions that protect all endpoints, including servers, workstations, and mobile devices, from malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats
We implement secure identity and access management protocols to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to your critical systems and data.
We offer data backup and recovery solutions to ensure that your critical data is always available and can be restored quickly in case of a cyber-attack or other unexpected events.
Our cyber security experts are available 24/7 to respond to any cyber incidents and provide support for recovery and restoration.

Kepler Safe brings cutting-edge cyber defense to manufacturing organizations that need it.

Changing The Manufacturing Sector Security Paradigm With Our Cyber Security Services!

Our cyber security experts are dedicated to providing customized solutions that protect your manufacturing facility from cyber threats, ensuring your business stays safe and secure. We conduct thorough risk assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities in your systems and work with you to develop a plan to address them. From there, we provide ongoing monitoring and support to ensure that your business remains secure over time. Don’t let security vulnerabilities compromise your operations – partner with us and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is protected by the best in the industry.

Why Do Manufacturing Units Need Cybersecurity Services?

Maintaining A Company's Reputation

Protection Of Confidential Data

Manufacturing units handle sensitive data related to their products, designs, intellectual property, customer information, and financial records. Cybersecurity services can help protect this confidential data from theft, manipulation, or unauthorized access.

Compliance With Regulations

Strict guidelines for data security and privacy are present in many businesses. Manufacturing units need to comply with these regulations to avoid legal issues and fines. Cybersecurity services can help ensure that the manufacturing unit is meeting these compliance requirements.
Data Encryption and Backup
Risk Administration

Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Manufacturing units are vulnerable to cyber attacks, including phishing attacks, ransomware, and other forms of malware. Cybersecurity services can help detect and prevent these attacks and mitigate the impact of any successful breaches.

Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Manufacturing units are vulnerable to cyber attacks, including phishing attacks, ransomware, and other forms of malware. Cybersecurity services can help detect and prevent these attacks and mitigate the impact of any successful breaches.

The best part of Kepler Safe - simplicity, reliability and reporting capabilities

“The best part of Kepler Safe- simplicity, reliability, and reporting capabilities. It's a modern take on DLP solutions aimed towards cloud-based solutions over traditional internal infrastructure.”
Eddie D
Director of IT G2 Crowd

All-In-One Cyber Security Services For Manufacturing Units

At Kepler Safe, we believe that prevention is always better than cure. That’s why we work with manufacturing units to create a proactive approach to cybersecurity that focuses on identifying and mitigating potential threats before they can cause damage.

Specialized Expertise

Our team of healthcare data security has extensive experience in working with healthcare organizations and understands the specific challenges and risks associated with this industry. We have a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements and standards.

Comprehensive Solutions

Kepler Safe provides end-to-end cyber healthcare solutions that cover all aspects of cybersecurity, from identity and access management to threat detection and response. We offer customized solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Advanced Technologies

We use the latest technologies and best practices to ensure that our clients' cybersecurity is always up-to-date and effective. Our solutions include advanced threat detection and response capabilities that enable us to quickly identify and respond to potential cyber threats.

Proactive Approach

We take a proactive approach to healthcare cloud security, rather than a reactive one. We work closely with our clients to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities and develop strategies to mitigate those risks before they can be exploited by cybercriminals.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support and training to ensure that our clients' cybersecurity is always up-to-date and effective. We also offer 24/7 monitoring and support to quickly respond to any potential cybersecurity incidents. Don't risk the safety of your patient’s confidential information. Contact us today to learn how we can safeguard your organization's data and give you peace of mind.

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