Cutting-edge cyber defense for manufacturing firms

Protect against malware, ransomware, phishing, and botnets - across devices, users and cloud apps


Manufacturing cyber security has been falling behind, and hackers are noticing.

Don’t let growing threats weaken your IT team, your users or your business. Protect against malware, ransomware, and phishing with one intelligent solution.


increase in attacks on manufacturing in 2020


of manufacturing firms experienced a cyber attack last year


of breaches involved the human element

Kepler Safe brings cutting-edge cyber defense to manufacturing organizations that need it.

The power of one cybersecurity solution for lean-IT

Meet the one and only system designed to bring you cutting-edge, holistic defense with zero drain on your IT resources.

Users Protection

Cloud Apps Protection

Email Protection

Devices Protection

Data Protection

Protect against phishing, human error, cloud and mobile device malware

Coverage, reliability, and support you can count on. 5,000 businesses already do.

Protect against malware, ransomware, phishing and botnets - across devices, users and cloud apps.

Stop unauthorized sharing and leaks of your most sensitive data; avoid compliance violations

Enable your business to run protected

Enable more mobile and BYOD devices in a snap Zero hardware or new equipment needed.

Users, devices, and new cloud apps protected with one click.

End-to-end intrusion detection and prevention without breaking the bank.


Receive top-notch malware defense

Ensure all staff have the right user permissions and privileges for data access.

Respond quickly to security breaches - immediately restrict an attacker's access to devices or systems.

Ensure employees are able to use safe networks to access your applications.

The best part of Kepler Safe - simplicity, reliability and reporting capabilities

“The best part of Kepler Safe- simplicity, reliability, and reporting capabilities. It's a modern take on DLP solutions aimed towards cloud-based solutions over traditional internal infrastructure.”
Eddie D
Director of IT G2 Crowd

Don't operate alone. Let Kepler Safe support you.

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