Simplified cybersecurity for educational institutions

Keplersafe AI-driven cybersecurity works for students, teachers, and IT administrators. We make it easy to keep your institution secure.

What we do

Cyberattacks on schools, colleges, and universities are rising, but prevention doesn't always mean adding additional staff or working harder. Educational institutions must use cybersecurity that's been designed to make the lives of everyone (except would-be attackers) easier and safer. The Keplersafe platform protects every digital domain in which your faculty, staff, and students interact. Our holistic security platform includes coverage for cloud apps, data, endpoints/devices, email, and even user activity.

How we do it

Our intuitive platform takes just moments to install and can secure your entire institution. Keplersafe combines the agility of an API-based platform with the scrutiny and ingenuity of artificial intelligence/machine learning.


Configure the platform and automations based on your business needs and policies

Around-the-clock monitoring

Keplersafe monitors your environments 24/7/365, identifying and immediately mitigating threats

Endpoint protection

Continuous scanning and remediation for malware on all your devices (endpoints), cloud applications, and email accounts

Data governance protection

Automatically scans files and emails across all devices for regulatory data such as PII/PCI/PHI information, recognizing and alerting on potential leaks

Access control protection

Protects against bad actors and internal threats by recognizing abnormal login patterns, blocking hacking attempts automatically, and more

Automatic mitigation

Keplersafe recognizes threats and quarantines them immediately, sharing the information with you and enabling you to investigate manually if you want

Why Do educational institutions Need Cybersecurity Services?

Protect your most-sensitive data

Keplersafe is the central control point for sensitive data and user activity, enabling you to enforce a wide range of security, regulatory, and company policies.

  • Ensure compliance
  • Prevent unauthorized data sharing or access
  • Automatically identify regulatory violations
Risk Administration

Identify potential ransomware and malware

Keplersafe AI-powered approach automatically distinguishes between human and bot-generated actions. You can detect potential attacks and automatically remediate them by suspending suspect users and preventing further corruption of files.

  • Block phishing scams, ransomware, and malware instantly

  • Suspicious email activity is automatically detected and blocked

Prevent unauthorized data sharing

Manage sharing at the file, folder, and user levels with collaboration rules that assign specific permissions, including whitelists of external collaborators.

  • Automatically limit the scope of sharing permissions and revoke shared links to protect data and files.

  • Unauthorized account activities: Know when an account has been compromised or when an insider or privileged user is acting like a threat.

Cost effective

Don't go at it alone. Let Kepler Safe support you.

Connect your business to Kepler Safe with a click. Enjoy immediate detection of threats and vulnerabilities for your entire business free forever.