All-encompassing Cybersecurity Solution

Safeguard Your Business, Data and Employees with One-Click Cyber Defence


Make Your Business Apps, Devices and Accounts Impenetrable with Kepler Safe

Experience Ease-Of-Use With One-Click Incident Response And Centralized Security Mangement

Protective Shield For Your Organizational Devices

Reinforce Information Security policies and data governance from anywhere to protect devices from malware, phishing attempts, data leaks, and cyber attacks.

Intelligent Email Inbox Protection For Your Users

Fight back social engineering attacks with email protection that intelligently blocks out all suspicious emails from malicious senders, protecting your organization from threats. 

Monitor & Bolster Mission Critical Cloud Apps

Build a safety fence for all your business apps hosted on private or public cloud to ensure Business Continuity and minimal downtimes in an event of a cyber attack.  

Active Account Control and User Protection

Enhance user account safety with active vigilance on suspicious activities, spamming and insider threats that may cause harm to your organization. 

Peace-of-mind Regulatory Compliance Management

Stay on top of regulatory compliances with a clear dashboard of compliance tasks and action items required to keep your organization always compliant.

Recognized by Partners and Industry Leaders

Kepler Safe Understands Your Unique Industry Needs

FAQs About Kepler Safe and Its Capabilities

Kepler Safe complies with the GDPR and is SOC 2-certified. Kepler Safe enables our customers to become GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2 compliant. We do not save any of your company’s information on our systems. Kepler Safe monitors your environment and connects to your cloud applications via API to protect them.

Kepler Safe has developed a proprietary AI engine and a single platform that analyses and defends the entire enterprise simultaneously, including the data, users, emails, endpoints, and cloud applications. Instead of merging disparate solutions, Kepler Safe was designed to protect the entire organisation from the start.

Microsoft Office365, G-Suite, Dropbox, Box, Hubspot, and Salesforce are some of the most popular Cloud SaaS programmes that the world uses to collaborate and store vital business data. We are introducing more and more services as their demand increases.

Kepler Safe combines the most essential security features as a single, pre-integrated service, with a cutting-edge AI engine, enhanced protection, simplified installation, integration, and operation of various devices, and a much lower TCO (total cost of ownership).

Since 2015, Kepler Safe has enabled the security of expanding businesses. Over 15 million individuals and over 5,000 organisations worldwide are protected by Kepler Safe.

It takes minutes to become operational. Kepler Safe is a SaaS solution that is pre-integrated.

Kepler Safe requires no hardware to secure your business.

Installation of Kepler Safe requires only a few clicks. If you have any remaining questions, please contact us. Select the most convenient time to reach you by clicking here and selecting the Installation Support option. One of our technical specialists will then assist you.



Make Security Your Strong Suit with Kepler Safe!

Build a safe and compliant working environment for your users with our quick-to-install cyber security platform.