More Ways to Secure Your Clients. Less Managerial Overhead.

Partner with us to provide a powerful security platform customizable to meet the demands of your clients while optimizing your internal resources.

Centrally Manage All Your Clients

 Workspaces simplifies managing cybersecurity for multiple clients. Set up Keplersafe separately for each customer domain,
then manage them centrally through a single interface. A simple dropdown menu lets you switch between customer environments.

Consolidate Your Tech Stack

Tech sprawl can create a liability for your business and for your clients’ security. If tools aren’t integrated, it can create blind spots in your cybersecurity coverage. And then when issues arise, digging through tools for the solution drains your resources.

Keplersafe modular platform provides:

  • Testing and deploying from a single endpoint
  • A single dashboard for all modules
  • Virtually zero training needed

Consolidate your clients’ security tool sprawl and close blind spots with our dynamic modular platform. With one dashboard, one endpoint agent, and one data engine, you’ll drastically cut the time spent managing cybersecurity.

We chose Keplersafe over CrowdStrike and Sophos for our install base of 5,000
dealerships due to a robust, easy-to-use, comprehensive, and consolidated
platform at a no-brainer price.
Chris Cleveland
Co-founder & CEO, ComplyAuto

Benefits for Partners

Whether you’re a managed service provider or an advisor, Keplersafe’s incentive, enablement, marketing, and training programs
supercharges your business and delivers powerful value to your customers. Learn more about our benefits below. 

Program Benefits for MSPs:

Registered MSP Partner (Pay as You Grow) Strategic MSP Partner (75-999 modules/bundles) Growth MSP Partner (1,000+ modules/bundles)
Keplersafe Academy On Demand
Enabling sales, marketing, and service delivery
Comprehensive Partner Portal
Access sales, marketing, and technical enablement resources
Dedicated Channel Manager Collaborates with your sales team to penetrate base and win new logos
Discounted Internal Use Licenses of Keplersafe Solutions Active partners can deploy Keplersafe solutions internally at a steep discount
Complementary NFR licenses of Keplersafe solutions Active partners can build a demo environment
Dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) Enables your technical team to deploy internally and to clients
Dedicated Partner Enablement Manager (PEM) Your PEM guides your go-to-market enablement journey
Market Development Funds (MDF) We fund demand generation activities for your client base so you can earn more as you grow
Partner Marketing Manager (PMM) Collaborates with you to execute recommendations to generate leads
Access to Business Development Reps (BDRs) for Blitz Days Keplersafe business development representatives work on your behalf to execute programs and set appointments
Special Promotions and Incentives As a growing partner, Keplersafe will continue to invest in our partnership in new and innovative ways.

Program Benefits for Advisors:

Registered Advisor Partner Gold Advisor partner 25k MRR Platinum Advisor Partner 50k MRR
Comprehensive Partner Portal
Access sales, marketing and technical enablement resources
Free internal use licenses of Keplersafe solution
Active partners can deploy Coro solutions internally at no cost
Up to 5 Up to 20 Up to 50
Free Marketing Assessment
With program recommendations to generate leads
Dedicated Partner Marketing Manager
Execute assessment recommendations, generate leads
Access to Business Development Reps (BDRs) for Blitz Days
Available for approved campaigns to call and set appointments
Market development funds (MDF)
We fund approved program activities to penetrate your client base
Dedicated Channel Manager and Solutions Engineer Support
Collaborates with your team to penetrate base, win new logos
COOP marketing funds available on approval
Earn marketing funds as you grow your Keplersafe business
Special Promotions and Incentives
Keplersafe will continue to invest in our growing partners!
Presidents Club trip eligibility (TBD)
The top 5 Advisor partners will attend Keplersafe's Partner Club trip

Connect with our Partner Team

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