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Do you know over 3.4 billion spam emails are sent every day? Such a statistic works as a red alert for organizations to secure their data from such scams. If your organization too deals with spam emails daily, then it’s high time to invest in Kepler Safe’s email protection services.

Take a great leap forward in your protection


Looks at inbound threats only

  • Phishing
  • Spear phishing
  • Malware/Ransomware
Single line of defense
Proxy-based (slow and intrusive)


Looks at inbound and outgoing threats:
  • BEC
  • Account takeover
  • Data exfiltration
  • Regulatory risks
 (PCI, PII, HiPPA, FTC Safeguard, GDPR)
Tiered defense: Catch on endpoints or the   cloud  what’s missed in the mailbox
API-Based (fast and unintrusive)

A single pane of glass

A unified threat protection solution designed to bring you cutting-edge, holistic defense with zero drain on your IT resources.

Identify issues

Zero in on the critical issues that matter to your business and address them with one-click resolution.

Let Kepler Safe take care of the rest

Kepler Safe’s AI anticipates risk, then proactively identifies and addresses issues automatically, saving you valuable time.

Lock Down Your Email, and Lock Out Cybercriminals!

Emails are the most common entry points used by hackers, so investing in email protection solutions becomes a pure necessity for all organizations. Kepler Safe is one such platform that provides automated protection against a wide range of threats including, email phishing and other email scams. Our service works by analyzing emails for suspicious content, links, and attachments. If a threat is detected, the email is flagged and the user is alerted.

Cost Efficient

What else do you need than our cost-efficient email security solution that doesn’t compromise security? We offer a comprehensive and effective defense against email-borne threats, without breaking the bank.

Easy Configuration

Tired of complex and time-consuming email protection configurations? Our email protection solution offers an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that simplifies the configuration process and saves you valuable time.

Automated Email Protection

Enjoy automatic email spam filter and response mechanisms that use AI and machine learning to detect and mitigate email-based threats in real-time, reducing the burden and saving you time and resources.

One platform that includes all you
need to secure your business

FAQs About Kepler Safe Email Protection

Email Protection services are designed to safeguard email accounts from external threats such as phishing attacks and other email-borne attack vectors.
Phishing schemes are the most common way that emails get hacked. This is because they are simple, affordable, and target the weakest link in any security system – people.
Although a hacker cannot log in to your email account without your password, knowing your email address is a solid first step for them to target you with phishing emails that contain malicious attachments designed to install malware on your computer.
One sign that your email may have been hacked is if you are unable to sign into your email account. Hackers often lock users out of their accounts as soon as they gain access.
The three most common types of cyber threats include malware, ransomware, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.
If your email security software fails to detect a threat, it could impact the rest of your infrastructure. Implementing additional forms of layered cybersecurity such as cloud app protection, DLP, and endpoint protection can help to catch what may be missed by an email security solution.

Choose our automated email protection solution to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your email security is taken care of, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your business.

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