Enhance Your Cloud Security with Kepler Safe Cloud Apps Protection

Given the complexity of the risk posed by cyber-attacks on cloud applications, Kepler Safe comprehends the strategies employed by hackers to offer the finest protection services that cater to their business needs. Your organization can reliably secure every cloud application with our cloud app protection services, guaranteeing smooth communication without worrying about data breaches.

Secure Your Cloud Platform, Protect Your Business!

Our advanced detection and response technology efficiently locates threats throughout the cloud ecosystem of your business and takes appropriate action. We leverage multiple defense techniques to enhance the security of every cloud application, providing a comprehensive solution to the growing threat of malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks. With Kepler Safe’s best cloud security software, you can rest assured that your business can use its favorite cloud applications without the threat of any cyber-attacks.

Cost Efficient

With our affordable cloud app protection features, you can safeguard your cloud applications and data without breaking the budget. Without sacrificing your budget, our extensive security procedures offer top-notch defense against online dangers.

Easy Configuration

Our cloud application protection solution has a simple, user-friendly interface that streamlines configuration and helps you save time. In order to make it simple for you to begin using our security services, we also provide seamless connectivity with your current cloud infrastructure.

Automated Email Protection

With the help of our automated cloud security software, the bother of manual threat detection and response is a thing of the past. Our advanced AI and machine learning algorithms monitor your cloud applications 24/7, detecting and mitigating threats in real-time, saving you time and resources.

Enjoy Worry-Free Use of Cloud Apps Without the Threat of Being Hacked!

Elevate your productivity with a comprehensive cloud security solution. Kepler Safe integrated security resources for workloads, cloud environments, and entitlements management. The platform seamlessly connects with SIEM, collaboration, workflow, and tools to enhance agility throughout your organization.
Ensure the resilience of your cloud environments with our intuitive and comprehensive security and remediation tools. Our solutions can be managed by your in-house security teams or through Managed Services, enabling you to quickly enhance your cyber resilience and stay protected against the latest security threats.
Let Kepler Safe quickly detect and prevent malware, exploits, and unusual activities. With the ability to hunt for threats, prioritize risks, and automatically connect security events, you can streamline your investigation and response process.

Protect Your Emails from External Threats!

Kepler Safe takes a proactive approach to email security by identifying, blocking, and removing criminals’ email and web domains and infrastructure before they have the chance to attack your employees, partners, or customers. Our advanced technology combines machine learning and targeted scans to detect potential phishing attacks early, block compromised assets before they become active threats, and quickly take down any active attacks to minimize damage.

With Kepler Safe, you can prevent email impersonation based on domain spoofing and deter fraudulent attacks that could harm your reputation. Our comprehensive email protection extends beyond your perimeter to secure your email connections and supply chain. With Kepler Safe, you can have peace of mind knowing that your email communication is safe and protected from potential threats.

Get your head in the clouds for next-gen protection


Account takeover protection
Protects against malicious insiders
DLP is included
Cloud malware spread protection
API-based (fast, cost-effective)


No protection against account takeover
Rules based (Requires coding and active administration)
No protection against malicious insider
DLP is an extra cost
No protection against cloud malware spread
Proxy-based (slow, expensive)

Don't Let Cyber Threats Rain On Your Cloud Parade!

We aim secure all your cloud applications, including Box, Slack, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Dropbox, and Salesforce. At Kepler Safe, we take pride in our ability to provide exceptional cloud app protection that meets the unique needs of every business. We work closely with our clients to understand their security requirements and provide customized solutions that are both effective and affordable.

AI Automation

Kepler Safe uses a leveraged AI automation system that makes handling incoming threats easier for all small and medium enterprises.

1 – Click Solution

Gone are the days when you have to clear out the spam yourself; now you have a 1 – click solution that clears out the spam with just one click, saving you time and effort.

An Integrated Cloud Application Protection Suite

Our cloud apps protection solution provides real-time monitoring of all cloud applications and data to detect any potential threats or vulnerabilities.
We use the latest cloud app security trends to provide advanced threat detection techniques, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to identify and respond to cyber threats in real-time.
With Kepler Safe’s cloud data security solution, you get multiple layers of security to protect cloud applications and data from a variety of cyber-attacks, including malware, ransomware, and phishing.
We provide end-to-end encryption to protect data in transit and at rest, ensuring that sensitive information is never compromised.
The security automation tools we have provided strong identity and access management controls to prevent unauthorized access to cloud applications and data.
Our cloud security managed services provide a centralized management and reporting dashboard, enabling administrators to monitor and manage cloud application security from a single interface.

One platform that includes all you
need to secure your business

FAQs About Kepler Safe Cloud Protection

Cloud app security is the science of guarding against unauthorized access, data breaches, and online threats to programs and data stored in the cloud.
The security of cloud apps and data has grown more important as more firms move their operations to the cloud. Cyberattacks on cloud-based systems can result in data loss, financial losses, and reputational damage.
You may take a holistic approach to safeguard your company from cyber dangers, such as malware, ransomware, and phishing attempts, by using our cloud app security services. To assist in protecting your business-critical data and processes, we offer sophisticated threat detection and response, real-time monitoring, and preventive defensive tactics.
To improve the security of any cloud application, we offer threat detection and response, real-time monitoring, and a variety of protection strategies. We provide your organization with peace of mind and the freedom to utilize your preferred cloud apps without worrying about data breaches by delivering a complete solution to the rising threat of cyber assaults. Don’t leave your business at risk of cyber-attacks. Contact Kepler Safe today to learn more about our cloud app protection services and start securing your data with confidence.

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